New Size Tavalon Tea now available on

With the popularity of this product line, especially with the help of this socially savvy Tavalon in the media (most recently appearing with Emeril!), can now offer the small size jar of all 12 Tavalon Teas we offer.

We listened to our customers, who wanted to sample different varieties, so this convenient small size is a great way to pick up a few jars and try out the different tea varieties offered by Tavalon.

These include green tea, oolong tea, black tea, and herbal tea. The delicious popular tea flavor varieties include:

Tropical Peony
NYC Breakfast Blend
Kama Chai Sutra

Jasmine Dream
Summer Fruits
Peachy Oolong

Earl Grey Reserve
Crimson Punch

We are very excited about our partnership and the chance to be able to offer you these fine loose teas in ALL sizes, small, medium AND large.

So check out the flavor varieties on, and know that you have the option of grabbing a few different teas in a small size now for your next order!


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